Methods Of Innovative Home Foundation Repair

When it comes to a home foundation problem requiring some type of home foundation repair, the culprit is almost always defined in one word. Water! Water can operate in different modes to create a house foundation problem, either by causing expansion or contraction in the soil below or by intrusion through the foundation creating a moisture problem inside the home. Of course, when a home foundation buckles or heaves due to soil expansion or contraction underneath, the resulting cracks and heaves become water intrusion points.

The first type of soil reaction to water is with soils too high in clay, which tends to expand with water content. Clay soil expansion often accounts for the common home foundation problem of heaving. Improper or inadequate compaction of non-clay soils during preparatory work for foundation building causes settling, another common foundation problem requiring house foundation repair.

Concrete foundation repair techniques of the past involved introducing wood, concrete, steel, or other materials under the building foundation or slab, attempting to jack it up to correct the problem. Unfortunately these types of attempts often proved ineffective. Modern technology offers new methods of innovative foundation repair. Slabjacking, also called mudjacking, is the process of pumping or injecting concrete under the affected foundation or slab to lift it back into place. In addition to rendering effective foundation and slab repair, this process also fills any voids beneath the slab; enhancing future water resistance.

A variation of mudjacking includes lime and soil included in the cement mixture. This will administer lime treatment stabilization to the base soil. Restoring the slab to its original grade; offering stabilization to offset future shifting and damage. Piling or piering is the process of adding adjustable supports beneath the foundation. Large push pier pilings are hydraulically driven into the ground beneath the foundation. Helical auger-type pilings are mechanically twisted into the ground; inserted through unstable soil to reach a stable layer of rock or soil below. Hydraulic jacks are then fitted onto the ends, and the foundation is jacked into place. During this type of process of home foundation repair, pilings are tested to insure they will support the required load. While foundation repair cost can run into large sums of money, it is a better alternative to an unsafe, shifting building. Not to mention the additional time and expense required to jack the building up to install a totally new foundation.

Do not think twice spending money on home foundation repair. Before the concretes or walls of your house start fracturing by soil pressure or other reasons you start repairing it to keep your protection stronger. Foundation problems should be taken seriously especially when they are visible. Otherwise, mildews can grow there or cracks or fractures can be seen in bricks, concretes or in other parts of your house. In that situation you should take the suggestions of the experts. To do this, there are many foundation repair companies you can call or visit their websites or talk to them while facing problems regarding home foundation repair.

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